PULSe main goals are to optimize, industriale and secure the market uptake of a Brillouin distributed sensing solution based on a synergy of innovative interrogator equipment, strain sensing cable, data processing software and open-access support tools.

PULSe project activities started on 1st January 2017, and will run until 30th June 2019, with an expected duration of 30 months.

In detail, PULSe project will deliver:

  • New cost-effective and differentiated sensor interrogation equipments (reduced hardware cost -labour time).
  • New easy-to-install “magic” strain sensor tape competing with market top standard and overcoming the handling and installation issues of existing solutions
  • New free-access market uptake support resources comprising: web showcase for sensors (open to all manufacturers), library of case studies, FAQ, open standard for data exchange and control protocols, freeware software for data post-processing and analysis, guidelines for standardisation.
  • Improved cloud-based platform and interface for wellbore data processing overcoming the serviceable market limitations of the cruelty used demonstrators.

PULSe partners covers the full value chain of development, manufacturing, commercialization and service and will gain additional competitiveness and know-how with increase in profitability, turnover, sales potential, staff count.

In the long term, mass-scale adoption of fiber sensing technologies can have a significant impact in GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction, mitigation of climate change consequences and savings of social costs and human lives.

PULSe partners have established experience on Brillouin and project management, a captive market ready for immediate exploitation of the project results and a global expansion strategy in cooperation with already established external foreign support partners geographically consistent with the market segmentation.