PULSe partners are complementary and cover the whole value chain both on value creation and on market access aspects. The Consortium is very industry-focused, with a strong presence of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) across Europe, and the companies and institutions in Consortium have an established expertise on optical fibers, optical sensor techniques and equipment, as well as on commercialization and service.


The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is the largest public research institution of the country, with about 8000 employees. The Institute of Microeletronics and Microsystems (IMM), active in this proposal, includes 5 units, located in Bologna, Rome, Naples, Lecce and Catania. Bologna Unit of IMM is located the City Research Area with more than 400 researchers and owns important facilities comprising well-equipped laboratories for optoelectronic devices and systems characterization, one of the largest clean-rooms for micro- and nano-scale photonic device fabrication and a sound expertise in sensing technologies.


Fibrain Group is the Polish leading manufacturer in the field of ICT systems, fiber optic telecommunications and FTTH solutions, regularly noting revenue growth in sales of several tens of percent, year-on-year. Over the years of  a coordinated development strategy, oriented at designing and implementing innovative solutions, has elevated Fibrain Group to the position of a leader in the fiber optic telecommunications market in Poland and provided the potential to build a global company. The result of this innovation-based development is the quick growth of the significance of the enterprise in international markets –in the EU, as well as Africa and the Americas. In order to extend its global activities, in 2012 Fibrain Group opened a division of the company in Mexico. Our products are manufactured in four factories located in Poland, whose total area amounts to 18 000 m2


Sestosensor s.r.l. is an independent and privately held SME active in the R&D and manufacturing of electronic and optical fibre sensors. Sestosensor was founded in 2009 as an industrial spin-off to exploit the results of the EU funded project “SMooHS-Smart Monitoring of Historic Structures” (EU FP7 grant agreement 212939) and to capitalize the experience of the founders in the field of optical fibre sensors and structural health monitoring. 6SN is already on the market with different products completely developed and manufactured in-house, in particular an innovative wireless self-sufficient structural monitoring system (Smartbrick®) and a portfolio of interrogators for Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) optical fibre sensors (SmartFOX®).


AMS Technologies A.G. is Europe’s leading solution provider and distributor for Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies.  AMS product portfolio extends from standard to customized, and from component to system level in our key competencies. AMS’s university-educated sales engineers fully comprehend and competently apply key technologies to transform customer needs into cost-effective solutions. AMS employs a ‘customer first’ approach right from the design stage and carry the same philosophy to our logistics services. Together with almost 30 years of entrepreneurial spirit, AMS provides blue-chip companies, research institutes and leading-edge technology start-ups with an unparalleled level of technical competence.


Ziebel AS is an independent and privately held SME active in the R&D, manufacturing and operation of carbon composite well intervention (entry) systems that convey fiber optic lines for the purposes of data acquisition with DTS and DAS surface interrogators. The company provides these data acquisition services direct to Oil & Gas companies and then additionally must process and analyze the results to deliver useful information on the flow profiles and behavior in general of the wells, for the purposes of improving hydrocarbon recovery. The DTS and DAS interrogators employed today are third party and the DTS interrogators make their measurement in the Raman band.